Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Chainsaws
Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Chainsaws

EGO Power+ Chain Saws

The EGO Power+ chain saw is built to tackle even the hardest jobs. Trunks, logs, branches, nothing gets in its way.

  • Blown away

    Imagine my utter delight when, on first use, the saw just chewed through stumps that I had standing in my yard. Lots of reserve power, long lasting runtime, very fast cutting and relative quiet and all controls are easily accessible and easy to make adjustments to the saw.

  • Excellent product, highly recommended

    I have had this 14" saw since August 2015 and it has worked without a flaw. I have done a lot of cutting with this saw and no job is really to big for it, I do recommend buying a spare battery,

  • At last a cordless saw that works

    I bought this chain saw after trying others that were frankly little more than toys. The EGO actually works like a power saw but is lighter and cleaner. I bought the standard battery and charger and find the battery last about 45 mins to an hour of quite heavy use and an 8 inch diameter log is no problem for it.

  1. Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

    For simple set up and adjustment

  2. Auto-lubrication System

    Keeps chain moving freely at all times

  3. Chain Kickback and Electric Brake

    Keeps you safe and in control

  4. High-Efficiency Brushless Motor

    Delivers more power and greater run time

  5. Oil Inspection Window

    Check chain oil levels easily

  6. Durable Bar and Chain

    For superior performance cut after cut

  • Tool-free chain tensioning

    Makes adjustment simple.

  • Leading levels of safety

    Chain kickback and electric brake protect you while you work.

  • Auto-lubrication

    Keeps the chain moving freely at all times. It has a handy oil inspection window too.

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.