EGO Power+ Hedge Trimmers

Light, powerful and with all the power you need, our range of hedge trimmers have a number of clever features to make every cut more comfortable

Our range of cordless hedge trimmers

EGO cordless hedge trimmers are engineered to deliver impressive cutting ability from a single charge. Alongside robust safety features, the clean power of the ARC 56V battery and the brushless motor get the job done with less noise and vibration, and zero emissions
  • Good Investment

    After several hedge trimmers going bad these past six years, I decided to get one that had the power and a reputation for endurance. I have used my EGO Hedge trimmer with far better results than I had with the previous trimmers.

  • "Hedge" your bets..!

    Another robust and well-made piece of equipment from EGO. First I had to cut back and shape a large “Red Robin” bush, then a 20ft tall by 30ft long Leylandii hedge. The Hedge trimmer just cut through all the plant branches with no problem.

    Steve, Kent
  • Don’t you just love the power

    This is a quiet, powerful and very effective piece of professional grade equipment. The quick set up, followed by a mere 30 minute first charge enabled the trimming of a badly overgrown Forsythia hedge.



    Ability to tackle any sized hedge
    01 / 09
  • Laser Cut, Diamond Ground, Double-sided Cutting Blades
    Cleaner, more precise cutting
    02 / 09
  • Dual Action Blades
    For less vibration when cutting
    03 / 09
  • Electric Safety Brake
    Stops blade when trigger is released
    04 / 09
  • Robust metal alloy brushless motor housing and gearbox
    05 / 09
  • Two-speed Selector
    Select the correct speed for each trimming task
    06 / 09
  • Rotating Rear Handle
    For more comfort and control in use
    07 / 09
  • Large Cutting Capacity
    For tackling thicker hedges and large branches
    08 / 09
  • Blade Tip Protector
    Prevents blades becoming damaged by fences and walls
    09 / 09
  • Enhanced user comfort
    Thanks to the rotating handle and dual trigger system
  • Efficient and robust
    Gives you all the power you need, without the vibration, fumes or noise of a petrol engine.
  • Diamond ground laser cut blades
    For precise, clean cuts, time after time.