Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Hedge Trimmers
Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Hedge Trimmers

EGO Power+ Hedge Trimmers

Light, powerful and with all the power you need, our range of hedge trimmers have a number of clever features to make every cut more comfortable

  • Good Investment

    After several hedge trimmers going bad these past six years, I decided to get one that had the power and a reputation for endurance. I have used my EGO Hedge trimmer with far better results than I had with the previous trimmers.

  • "Hedge" your bets..!

    Another robust and well-made piece of equipment from EGO. First I had to cut back and shape a large “Red Robin” bush, then a 20ft tall by 30ft long Leylandii hedge. The Hedge trimmer just cut through all the plant branches with no problem.

    Steve, Kent
  • Don’t you just love the power

    This is a quiet, powerful and very effective piece of professional grade equipment. The quick set up, followed by a mere 30 minute first charge enabled the trimming of a badly overgrown Forsythia hedge.

  1. Laser Cut, Diamond Ground, Double-sided Cutting Blades

    Cleaner, more precise cutting

  2. Dual Action Blades

    For less vibration when cutting

  3. Electric Safety Brake

    Stops blade when trigger is released

  4. Robust metal alloy brushless motor housing and gearbox
  5. Two-speed Selector

    Select the correct speed for each trimming task

  6. Rotating Rear Handle

    For more comfort and control in use

  7. Large Cutting Capacity

    For tackling thicker hedges and large branches

  8. Blade Tip Protector

    Prevents blades becoming damaged by fences and walls

  • Enhanced user comfort

    Thanks to the rotating handle and dual trigger system

  • Efficient and robust

    Gives you all the power you need, without the vibration, fumes or noise of a petrol engine.

  • Diamond ground laser cut blades

    For precise, clean cuts, time after time.

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.