EGO Power+ Mowers

Tackle any size lawn with less noise, lower running and service
costs and zero emissions with the EGO Power+ mower range.

Our range of mowers

Cuts like a petrol mower. Just cuts out the petrol. Discover our significantly quieter, zero emission battery powered lawn mowers which offer you lower service costs and a variety of large cutting capacities.


    Our range offers a variety of key features and cutting capacities to suit any lawn
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  • High Torque, High-Efficiency Motor
    For operation in all conditions
    02 / 10
  • LED Headlights
    Work further into the day
    03 / 10
  • Quick Release Telescopic Handle
    For easy cleaning and compact storage
    04 / 10
  • Self-Propelled Motor
    Takes the strain out of mowing sloping ground
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  • Push Button Start
    Power up in seconds
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  • Adjustable Handle Height
    Easily adjusts to suit you and the job in hand
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  • Large Capacity Bag
    Collects more grass and requires emptying less frequently
    08 / 10
  • Large Diameter Wheels
    For easy motion on different terrains
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  • 7-Position Spring Loaded Deck Height Adjustment
    Easily set different grass cutting heights from 25-90mm
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Technology Beyond Belief

  • Zero emissions during use
    Our Arc Lithium battery gives petrol-matching power but without the fuss and fumes
  • Less noise and Less vibration
    EGO Power+ tools often operate at lower noise and vibration levels than traditional petrol-powered tools
  • Save time
    No more trips to the petrol station. No time-consuming servicing and maintenance to slow you down
  • No petrol to store
    Instead, EGO’s rapid charger refuels batteries in as little as 25 minutes – less than the run time you get from a full charge
  • Goodbye gas

    Have owned this mower for 2+ years now and love it. The freedom from gas and oil, and all the complications of a gas engine is so great.

  • Best purchase ever

    I purchased this Lawn Mower 2 years ago and it has been a complete dream. No more gas or oil to worry about, just charge and go

  • Best cordless mower ever!

    Powerful. Lighter than my previous cordless. Battery removal is easy! Mulches well, and makes bagging leaves a whole lot more efficient. Cuts grass well, stores adequately.

  • Variable speed
    The self-propelled motor keeps you in control as you cut.
    (Selected models only)
  • 3-in-1 functionality
    Cut, bag or drop clippings
    - it's up to you.
  • Folds flat
    The easy-fold design makes cleaning and storage simple.